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Why You Need Quartz Countertops

Almost everybody wants to have a beautiful kitchen with an adorable countertop. So many homeowners are quite conversant with granite. Probably, the reason behind this could be that quartz has rarely been noted by many homeowners. Perhaps, they just do not know the benefits of quartz. But it will be of great value if you chose to use quartz countertops due to the following reasons.

The indestructibility of quartz countertops has been noted over the years. The main components of these kind of countertops are naturally ground quartz and polymer resins. Such a mix does create a countertop that is not only durable, but also not easy to destroy too. This is to say that these countertops are really so strong. They will be hardly susceptible to rodents and termites. Quartz countertops are hardly vulnerable to both stains and corrosions. Corrosion does in most cases arise from various household solutions that are naturally acidic. An example of these solutions is cleaning liquids as well as oils. However, you will need to be careful not to expose these countertops to excessive heat. Do not forget that it is not advised for these countertops to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. This is the reason why they come with warranties that extend for a long period of time.

Quartz countertops are known to have a non-porous property. You will note that most of these other stones usually absorb water to a certain degree. However, note that stones do not have the same porosity levels. The process involved in the making of quartz is actually so fruitful. The form of engineering involved makes sure that no liquid is absorbed by these countertops. This has been added to the fact that there are many possible great designs with quartz countertops. There is so much creativity that comes with quartz countertops. The reason behind this is the flexibility of quartz. The use of epoxy instead of screws is highly possible with quartz. This is what basically widens its diversity in applications. It also comes in various colors from which you can make your choice. With this kind of diversity in place, you will not have a problem whenever you want to be more creative in the bathroom.

Quartz countertops are relatively cheap to maintain. You will learn that you do not have to necessarily seal these kind of countertops at all times. You will also routinely clean this kind of countertops with the basic cleaning products that you have. For as long as the cleaning material is non-abrasive you are good to go. All you have to do is to ensure that the quartz countertop is installed by a certified person.

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