Prayer mats hold a specific place in every Muslim household; five times a day every family member will use it for supplication before Allah. Constant use of prayer mats causes them to soil and tear; also they cannot be used outdoors as they are heavy and when folded, they occupy a lot of space. If they become wet, it will take ages to dry them too. Washing these dirty, carpet-like prayer rugs is also very inconvenient. Hijab Hundred percent polypropylene mats made in China seem to be a perfect solution for this problem.

For any outdoor activity, day on a beach, camping, picnic in a park, these polypropylene prayer mats are appropriate and easy to carry. We all know that when packing for an outdoor trip many items have to be carried necessarily and our luggage becomes heavier by the minute. Being light in weight and foldable, these prayer rugs can be stored in a small space and taken along without any extra burden. They are water proof and do not absorb liquid; in case of their getting wet, they will dry easily and later you can simply wipe them with a dry cloth.Hijab On returning from a trip you can even wash them and save them for next time.

We all notice green mold appearing on carpet-like prayer mats that have been lying in store for a long time, it is also accompanied by an unpleasant smell and it becomes necessary for us to hang these mats in direct sunlight to get rid of the odor. By the time the smell is gone, sunlight has spoiled the colors of the mats too. These prayer mats, from China, are unique in their characteristic in resisting mold and mildew; you can use them anywhere outside, store them as long as you like, there will be no mold or bad smell. Their colors too are very fast and sunlight or moisture will not affect them.

Prayer mats for outdoors come in attractive designs and colors; jacquard weaves and colorful stripes are mostly used. Some of them come with inflatable pillows attached to them. On a trip in the open, whenever you are weary and want to straighten your back or take a nap, the ones with this accessory are handy. They are specifically useful for Hajj pilgrims. Hajjis can take them along for their night’s stay in Muzdalfa, spread them to pray and when tired, put their heads on the pillows and rest.

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