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The suspicious circumstances which contain him, will be found to tally with a a lot better speculation of my deduction of a romantic ‘busy-body’ meddling of a supposition of guilt. Once you have grasped the extra charitable interpretation, we will have no difficulty in comprehending the rose in the key-hole; the body upon the slate; the elbowing of the male kin pushing them out of the best way; the wayward aversion in permitting them to view the physique; the caution given to Madame Roget by Monsieur Beauvis and his feminine companion, that she must hold no dialog with a gendarme until his return; and lastly, his apparent willpower ‘that no person ought to have anything to do with the proceedings besides himself.’ It seems to me, and fairly probably to you, that Beauvis was a suitor of Marie Roget; that she coquetted with him; and that he was formidable of being thought to take pleasure in her fullest intimacy and confidence.