As Per the Immigration office of Australia, it is unlawful to say in Australia without a valid visa. There are consequences when you overstay in Australia. Read what will happen if you have an expired or invalid visa but still decide to stay.

If you want to visit Australia, then you can apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600). You can stay there for up to 12 months. There are also other types of visa students to working, and so much more. However, you need to abide by the rules or, if not, face the consequences.

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1. Detainment

What Will Happen if Overstay your Schengen Visa
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If you overstay in Australia and can’t get a new visa, you can be detained if you don’t leave. Australia, since 1992, adopts mandatory detention to check your claims, health, and status in their country. It may be for a limited time or over 10 years. It’s stressful and a waste of time being in detention, so you better leave when your visa is about to expire.

2. Deportation/ Remove You From Australia

The Immigration authorities may remove you from Australia once they know you have overstayed. You can also be billed for the cost of you being deported. That’s pretty harsh, not only do you have a bad record, but it will be an additional expense. Don’t think to overstay in Australia if you don’t like to experience something traumatic.

3. Ban

How to Get Your Australia Travel History

If you leave the country without a valid visa, you may be banned from going back to Australia for 3 years. Imagine if you have family, work, or school there, the chance of coming back is low. Should you want to stay for a longer time, process a change of status or another visa beforehand.

4. Visa Refusal

The Department of Home Affairs may refuse you to grant another Australian Visa. The usual refusal is 3 years from your exit, or it may be more than that. This record could also affect your application for visas to other countries. Nobody wants a rule-breaker; it adds stress to the country you are visiting and may cost them resources.

How to Avoid to Overstay in Australia

Overstay in Australia Consequences of Expired or Invalid Visa

Check your Visa Expiration or Visa Validity

See how many months you are allowed to stay in Australia. You may put an alarm or reminder that your stay is expiring. You can also keep documents like plane tickets or boarding pass to check when you have arrived, especially if there’s no stamp on your passport.

Apply For a New Visa

If you want to change your status or visa, you can apply for a new visa. If you already have this plan before coming to Australia, you might as well ready your documents and apply for it as soon as possible. If you do so, you’ll have enough days to stay in Australia, especially if the process is long.

Get a Bridging Visa (subclass 050)

If you have a visa that’s expiring, you can stay in Australia lawfully with a BVE. You can finalize immigration matters with this visa or make arrangements to leave the country.

I always want to remind everyone to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting. One reason why Filipinos get denied or are treated by the Embassies or IOs strictly is that some illegally stay or work. So, please don’t overstay in Australia as I also don’t like you to experience the consequences above. Happy Travels!

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