Backpacking is fast becoming one of the most popular options when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors. However, many beginner backpackers head out on their first adventure to discover shortly after arrival that they are not as prepared as they thought they were. This is because backpacking is quite different from other outdoor adventures. To ensure you can get started on the right foot, these expert tips for beginners will help you pack and plan your backpacking adventure with confidence.

Packing The Essentials

Backpacking For Beginners Important Packing And Planning Tip
Photo by Kyle Glenn

When backpacking through the wilderness, you won’t require extras, which is why you should know your essentials. Your essential items should include navigation, such as a GPS, compass, or map. In addition to this, you will also need sun protection, lighting, a first aid kit, fire, water, tools, food, and insulation. The standard list of essentials for backpackers will help you pack in the right necessary items. When it comes to the right tools, a quality knife can be purchased from retailers like Lamnia. It is always best to opt for quality outdoor tools and other items as they should withstand your journey.

Plan For Hygiene

Hygiene items are not usually included in backpacker essential packing lists, although, these items are crucial for both your comfort and your health. It is never the best idea to wash your clothing or yourself in a river or lake on your journey as this idea will raise health concerns. Planning for hygiene, hand sanitizers, biodegradable cleansing wipes, toilet paper, and body spray can get you through your backpack adventure. 

Light Versions Of Big Things

It won’t be ideal carrying around the most massive tent and camping equipment during your adventure, which is why it is always best to pack light. When it comes to searching for tents and other camping gear items that can be quite heavy, it is best to compare the weight of similar items. Opting for light versions of big things is the best way to ensure your first backpacking adventure is successful. 

Pack And Plan For Your Perfect Experience

Backpacking For Beginners Important Packing And Planning Tip
Photo by Simon Migaj

Everyone’s idea of the perfect trip varies greatly. This is why you should consider the details of your opinion of the ideal backpacking experience and pack accordingly. Perhaps camping will be the main event of your trip, or maybe you will want to experience a real minimalist adventure. Regardless of what your idea is, you should take your preferences into account to ensure your first experience is memorable. This effort will also help you determine whether you need additional comforts such as a good book, or other simple entertainments.

Extra Space Doesn’t Mean You Should Pack More

Backpacking For Beginners Important Packing And Planning Tip
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

Many budding backpackers make the understandable mistake of packing in extra simply because there seems to be extra packing space. Rather than adding to your pack until it’s filled to the brim, it is wise to consider the total weight you are packing, as you will be carrying it around from one resting place to another. 

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