East Timor or Timor Leste is perhaps the most unknown and untraveled country in South East Asia. But if you want to complete all the SEA Countries for your globe-trotting trip, then you should come and visit. It’s not visa free for Filipinos, but you can get a Visa on Arrival.

However, a visa application authorization is also needed. Read our guide on how to get an East Timor Visa on Arrival for Philippine Passport Holders.

How to Get an East Timor Visa on Arrival
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East Timor is a hidden sanctuary waiting to be discovered. It’s an off-beaten destination, so you could surely enjoy its authenticity and stunning views as there isn’t much tourist. Conclude your South East Asia Trip with your visit to Timor Leste!

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East Timor Fun Facts

  • Timor means East, and Leste also means East, so basically, the name is “East East.”
  • This country gained its independence in 2002
  • Besides from the Philippines, Catholicism is dominant here due to it being a Portuguese colony in the 16th Century
  • Though very far from the US and not part of its territory, its national currency is the USD
  • During the SEA Games in the Philippines last 2019, East Timor won 1 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals, which was also their first
How to Get an East Timor Visa on Arrival
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Requirements Needed for an East Timor Visa on Arrival for Philippine Passport Holders

1. Valid Passport – at least six months valid from the date of entry in East Timor

2. Return Ticket – with a valid visa to next destination

3. Visa Application Authorization – from an East Timor Embassy or Consulate

4. Sufficient Funds – USD 100 on entry, plus USD 50 per day

5. Visa Fee – USD 30 to be paid in cash, you need to prepare it on hand as there is no ATM Machine in the area

How to Apply for a Visa Application Authorization in the Philippines

Visa Application Authorization Requirements

1. Letter addressed to the Embassy

Mr. Pedro Laranjeira
Third Secretary
Embassy of Timor-Leste

  • Without invitation – a request letter with the applicant’s address and contact number
  • With invitation – invitation letter with the inviter’s address and contact number

2. Photocopy of valid Passport

3. Photocopy of valid ID

4. Round-trip Ticket Copy

5. 2 Passport Sized Photos with a colored background

6. Bank Statement

7. Visa Authorization form – printed in an A4 Size Paper

How to get your Visa Application Authorization in the Embassy

STEP 1: Gather all the requirements and place them on a Long Folder.

STEP 2: Go to the Embassy personally for submission.

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Unit 2601, 26th Floor, Discovery Centre
25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(+63 2) 8 638-0651
[email protected]

STEP 3: Processing will be 3 days, so wait for the Embassy to contact you.

STEP 4: Claim the Visa Application Authorization at the Embassy. You will need this when you go to East Timor.


Frequently Asked Questions for East Timor Visa on Arrival for Philippine Passport Holders

1. Are Filipinos Visa Free to East Timor?

No, we can get a visa on arrival in East Timor.

2. Where can I get a Visa on Arrival?

When you arrive at Dili Airport or Seaport.

3. Where can I get a Visa Authorization Application?

At the Embassy of Timor Leste, which is in Ortigas.

4. Is Personal Appearance Necessary?

Personal appearance is a must, as per e-mail with the Embassy.

5. How many days before my departure should I get my Visa Authorization Application?

You can get it a week or two before your flight within a year is also acceptable.

6. Do I need Travel Insurance?

It is not required to have one, but nowadays, it is recommended. Try SafetyWing!


7. How can I go to East Timor from the Philippines?

There are no direct flights to this country from the Philippines. You could go to Bali, Indonesia, or Singapore to visit here.

How to Get an East Timor Visa on Arrival
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Here’s a guide on an East Timor Visa on Arrival for Philippine Passport Holders. I hope this Visa on Arrival Guide will help you in your quest to visit this exquisite country. East Timor has pristine seas and unique heritage and culture; you will enjoy its charm. Good luck on your travels!

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