As per the latest announcement of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, there will no longer be a visa label for Filipinos starting July 1, 2020. This means, when we get approved,  our passport will no longer have a visa stamp or sticker, but you will be given a Visa Grant Notice. Here’s a guide on How to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice.

For stamp collectors out there, it’s pretty sad as ROK doesn’t anymore paste a visa sticker nor stamp when you arrive or depart. However, you will still need a Visa Grant Notice to present to the immigration officers in our country and also in South Korea. Your visa status will be checked upon arrival in their system.

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What is a Visa Grant Notice?

Instead of a visa label pasted on your passport, you will be given a Visa Grant Notice. This is a document you can print out, which includes your personal and visa details. You will know how many days you can stay, entries you are allowed, and the validity of your stay.

Here is an example of a South Korea Visa Grant Notice:

How to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice

Step by Step Guide in Getting a South Korea Visa Grant Notice

STEP 1: Go to this website.

STEP 2: Click “Check Application Status,” then “Check Application Status & Print.”

How to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice

STEP 3: Type the details asked. Click “Search.” For the name, it’s usually the Last Name, then the First Name.

How to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice

STEP 4: Click “Certificate.” Save the PDF File and print it.

How to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice

Frequently Asked Questions with Regards to the South Korea Visa Grant Notice

1. What does Visa label-free policy mean?

This means you will not have a Visa Sticker (like the one below) pasted on your passport.

South Korean Tourist Visa

2. Do I still need to pass my passport when applying for a South Korea Tourist Visa?

Yes, you will still need to submit your passport for documentation and identity verification purposes. However, do not expect to have a visa label when you get it back.

3. Can I apply online?

So far, there has been no announcement that you can apply online (like Australia), you still need to pass documents to the agency or embassy. However, checking your status can be done online.

4. How do I know my Visa is approved or denied?

You can check your status online. See the steps above.

5. How do I prove that I have an approved South Korea Visa?

Present the Notice to the Immigration Officers; it can be downloaded online.

6. When will the Visa Label Free Policy start?

It will start on July 1, 2020.

7. I have an old visa, is it still valid?

Yes, if you have a multiple or single entry visa, it will still be valid. The new ones, however, won’t have a visa label on their passports.

8. What if I’m granted a Multiple-Entry Visa, do I need to print a Visa Grant Notice every time I go to ROK?

Yes, you need to do so. Korean Immigration Authorities will require foreigners to present Visa Grant Notice for immigration inspection in Korea.

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That’s it! I hope you know how to get a South Korea Visa Grant Notice because of this article. It’s pretty easy and straight forward.  You can also read our articles regarding South Korea Tourist Visa Application.

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