One leading platform in booking accommodation when you travel all over the world is through does not only offers typical hotels, bread, and breakfasts, hostels or luxury resorts but also apartments, glamping sites, holiday homes, and many more.

One of my favorite features in is that you can pay your fees at the place of your stay. There is no need for credit cards on specific accommodations nor are there no expensive booking fees placed on top of your visit. You need the website or app to get connected with the place of your choice, and then you’ll get a place to stay!

A Lavish Staycation at Hilton Manila Philippines

However, the good news doesn’t only end there. has deals too! You can save money on your trip if you use these deals wherever you go!

How to Find and Use Deals?

1. Go to The Deals Page Deals

Go to the deal’s page of and check out the promos per city or country.  The deals will depend on the event, so, for example, the EARLY 2020 DEAL; the discount of 20% will apply when you stay from January 01 – March 31, 2020.

2. Click the city of your choice and choose a hotel. Deals1

From the deals page, go to the city where you want to have a vacation, too, and select any hotel or place that has a deal. It is evident in the description that there is a deal; for example, you will see “EARLY 2020 DEAL” in an orange box.

3. Choose a Room with the deal. Deals2

Only selected rooms in a hotel have a deal, so make sure to check the details well as some are just the same prices as those without a discount.

4. Reserve and Book! Deals3

If you already have a room you would like to choose, then click “I’ll Reserve” beside it. Deals4

Enter your personal details as well as payment details to finalize your booking. Once done, please wait for the day to enjoy your trip! Congratulations!

But that’s not only it! You can save more on!

Additional Deals, Coupon Codes, and a lot more Money-Saving Schemes

Member’s Secret Deals Deals

It’s easy to register in You just register, enter your details and then you are done! After it, you can see great value and secret deals when you search for a property. You can only see it when you register and sign-in. So register now! Deals

As you see, with the secret deal, you can save USD10 for this particular booking! From USD 96, you only have to pay USD86.00 for one night! Being a member and enjoying secret deals can save you money! Deals

Genius Loyalty Program has a loyalty rewards program. To reach level 1, you need to complete two stays within two years or 5 stays for two years for level 2. It’s pretty easy to achieve especially if you are a frequent traveler. Deals

You can have a lifetime membership for free and discounts on selected properties plus free breakfast or room updates! That’s pretty cool, right? So hurry, register, and book through now!

Price Match Deals

With, you can guarantee the lowest price! See the same property on the same date you are staying at another website? You can get a refund of the difference if ever you find something cheaper than Just make sure to save the details and book thru

E-mail Deals Deals

Subscribe through e-mail in, and you might find the best deals where you can book immediately to your dream destination at a low price.

Line seperator is really one of the top booking platforms in the world. You can get accommodation at any corner of the world you want from hotels, resorts, villas, homes, apartments, guest houses, and many more. The platform also helps you find the right fit, with multiple filters and many more.

Remember, when you are booking, you should also check the location (if it’s near or far main roads or public transportation), the terms (like free cancellation, with breakfast, etc.), and read customer reviews. Should there be problems during your booking, or if the property is misleading, please feel free to contact They are happy to assist you.

If you ever need another option, you can try its sister company Agoda or another alternative is through Airbnb. However, I’ve been with for quite some time, and it is a trusted site to book for your future adventures. Happy Travels!

Line seperator

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