Diving or snorkling is an activity to explore the natural life of the underwater consisting of coral reefs, colorful fish, marine plants and many other underwater life. For beginners, or for those who want to dive leisurely, there are many other choices with very pleasant visibility and extraordinary sea life. There are many ways to enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Bali, one of which is scuba diving. When you do Scuba Diving in Bali, you don’t need to worry because there are several diving spots that can be used by beginners without the need to have a diving certificate, because it is functioned as a diving spot for general visitors or novice divers.

If you are a beginner in diving or want to try scuba diving in Bali for the first time, it is recommended to choose the right diving location for beginners, namely in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Bali. Tourists who take part in scuba diving activities will be taught how to use good scuba diving equipment and you will only dive at a maximum depth of 6 meters with dive guides always near the tourists. The guide will be happy to give instructions and will always be ready to provide help if you experience difficulties while diving. This location is intended as part of entertainment for tourists both local and foreign as the most comfortable diving spot. This place is the center of marine tourism activities better known as Tanjung Benoa watersport. It is very suitable for beginners or those who first try scuba diving activities. Because the depth of the sea at Tanjung Benoa is not too deep, and the flow of water under the sea is not too strong so it is very safe.

Maybe people think that scuba diving is equated with snorkelling. Indeed, at a glance the same in the sense of tourism activities in the water, but the important thing that distinguishes is if snorkeling is more synonymous with swimming on the surface of the water, but if scuba diving will bring you to dive deeper. For everyone who wants to try the thrill of scuba diving, you don’t need to worry about your swimming abilities, because those who can’t swim at all will still be able to do scuba diving because there will be assistance from highly professional and experienced instructors at sea. in. You will get a chance to see Mola and Manta fish, there are also some of them beautiful coral reefs and suitable for beginner divers to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea of ​​Bali. You should avoid traveling during the rainy season between December to March, because the rainfall is very high in that month so it is not good to do diving activities there. Make sure you get an experienced and trusted diving guide to get comprehensive guidance and knowledge for your enjoyable tour.

If you go on a vacation to Bali, it is very unfortunate if you miss scuba diving activities in Bali, that’s all, because Tanjung Benoa offers the best scuba diving activities with a very beautiful underwater panorama and you will feel unforgettable diving satisfaction with a diving companion professionals who make your diving activities very enjoyable.