Solar-powered technology has dramatically advanced over the last few years, with more and more incredible gadgets being created to make our lives easier. Not only that, but they help save the planet, so what’s not to love! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most amazing solar-powered gadgets that are perfect for your next vacation? Sound interesting? Then keep on reading.

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1. Solar-powered lights

Photo by Gül Ergin on Unsplash

If you’re going camping, hiking, or doing any sort of outdoor activity on your vacation, a good idea is to take some solar-powered lights with you. Batteries are easy to forget and aren’t always reliable. However, solar-powered lights can charge up during the day so that you can still find your way around at night. There are many different types available, including headlamps, lanterns, and even fairy lights. Some of them are also compact so that you don’t have to worry about them taking up so much space.

2. Solar-powered charger

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

There are many different myths about solar power, and one of them is that they don’t work in cloudy or rainy weather. This is definitely wrong, as they don’t require direct sunlight to gather energy. An excellent addition for any family member on their next vacation trip is a solar-powered charger! This way, if you’re camping off the grid, you can still keep your latest devices charged, including your phone, tablet, and GPS. They are easy to use, charge relatively quickly, and allow us to stay in touch with civilization. It’s a win-win.

3. Solar backpack

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

Undoubtedly one of the coolest solar gadgets that has recently been created is definitely the solar panel backpack. This new device allows you to charge your phone, laptop, and tablet as you walk around and explore the different sights and sounds on your vacation. They are said to charge at around the same speed as a regular wall outlet, meaning you can enjoy your devices anywhere at any time.

4. Portable solar shower

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

Nobody likes a cold shower, and if you’ve been camping before, you know that even they can be hard to come by. While you can purchase small shower bags to help clean yourself every once in a while, they definitely aren’t as great as the portable solar shower. You can enjoy a wonderfully WARM shower, wherever you are in the wilderness, and if you ask us, that’s pretty incredible! Just make sure you leave it out to get some sunshine before it gets dark.

5. Solar bike lock

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

If you plan on taking your bike with you during your vacation, it’s only natural that you want to protect it. A solar bike lock works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can see where your bike is in real-time. You’ll also be noted if anyone tries to tamper with the device. It’s one of the coolest new gadgets and a perfect gift for any bike lover.

6. Solar car battery charger

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

A dead car battery can occur at any time, whether it be before or during your vacation. It’s one of the last things you want to happen, especially if you’re on a road trip. With a solar car battery charger, you can get back on the road in no time, and don’t have to worry about asking anyone else for help. Just make sure you place it on the dashboard or near a window to absorb the sun during the day so that it is ready for action.

7. Solar power hat

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

Yep, that’s right! You can now purchase a solar power hat to keep your devices fully charged throughout the entire day. These are a great addition to your gadget collection, as they are already in the sun all day! You can protect your skin from the sun and get something back from it. It’s a win-win!

8. Solar-powered speaker

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

Everyone loves listening to music, and what better way to enjoy it while on your vacation than with a solar-powered speaker! No matter where you are, whether it be the beach, pool, or woods, you can enjoy great music without the fear of your device running out of battery. It makes a great gift and is perfect for your next trip away.

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Next Vacation
Photo by Lawrence Walters on Unsplash

And that’s it! Now you’ve got all of your new gadgets; you can get packing for your new adventure! Just remember to give each of your new items a good charge up in the sunshine before you leave, and you’ll be good to go. Have fun!

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