Davao City is the heart and most populous city in Mindanao. With a great blend of city and nature, there are many things to do in Davao City, like gorgeous parks. Check out why their phrase “Life is Here” suits them. Here are 5 Parks you need to visit here and things to do in Davao City.

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Davao started with six tribes settling in there living together. The name came from a mixture of “Dabo, ” “Duhwow,” and “Davoh.” It has been occupied, like the whole country, by the Spanish, Japanese, and Americans. With many influences and exceptional leadership and cooperation from the Dabawenyos, it became what it is today.

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Entrance Fee: PHP 150 (100 for 17 – 4 years old)
Getting Here: Taxi  or ride a van to Calinan then a tricycle to the Water District

At the foot of Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, lies the Philippine Eagle Center. The Philippine Eagle is one of the rarest and critically endangered species in the world because of hunting and deforestation. You can see these majestic birds and also other birds, mammals, and reptiles in the Centre.

When we were there, we met Fighter. He’s a Philippine Eagle that sadly got shot by poachers. His left-wing was cut off so that he could stay alive. He’s home is now at the PEC, and his goal is to educate people to Save Eagles and Stop Poachers.

P.S. He was not harmed nor touched during our picture-taking session, his caretaker took the pics.

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01 Photo from Gary Todd CC0 1.0



Day Packages: PHP 220 (plated snacks) and PHP 550 (buffet lunch)
Activities: From PHP 40 – 150
Getting Here: Ride a jeep to Toril and Stop at Mercury Drug Store, from there ride a habal-habal to Eden

Located in the mountains of Davao is Eden Nature Park. This 80-hectare resort is filled with pine trees and adrenaline rushing activities. You can genuinely enjoy Mother Nature and the cold weather here. It’s also a great place to stay when in Davao. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay during my visit, but this looks amazing!

Entrance Fee: PHP 350
Getting Here: Jeepney to R. Castillo St.

Want to see crocodiles and other fascinating animals and birds? Off you go to Davao Crocodile Park and Zoo, they have exciting shows from Birds doing tricks to the cute Orangutans and the mighty crocodile at the center. I highly suggest not going near the croc when they have a play about him, take it from me: a person who got unexpectedly wet due to the splash.  The area is so vast; I enjoyed my visit there, you will too.

PS. It would’ve been perfect, but some guy left me with a snake on my neck after taking my picture. haha.

4. People’s Park

5 Parks to Visit in Davao City, Philippines (Things to do in Davao City) 09
Photo from Gary Todd CC0 1.0

Entrance Fee: None
Getting Here: Jeepney to R. Castillo St.

The People’s Park is a public park in the heart of Davao City. It has a human-made forest, falls, fountain, and fish ponds. With a giant durian shaped dome filled with different types of bamboos, it’s a very remarkable place to see. Children will love it as there are a playground and some doves that live in the area. It’s one of the best things to do in Davao City.

5. GAP Farm

5 Parks to Visit in Davao City, Philippines (Things to do in Davao City) 07

Entrance Fee: PHP 100
Pool Fee: PHP 50
Getting Here: Taxi through Diversion Road

When I’ve been to Davao (twice, I think), I always remember GAP Farm because of the large Carabao Statue that’s peeing. It’s such a 10-hectare farm or orchard for fruits like durian, pomelo, and much more.

It’s also not the only attention-grabbing thing on the farm, but also there are statues about Philippine culture, folklore, and history. A cave is also there that was made by Japanese soldiers. Other activities you can enjoy besides having a picnic is horse riding and swimming at the pool. Don’t also forget to take a picture with the “Land of Promise.”

How to get to Davao City

  • The airport in Davao city is Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • Local Flights available to and from: Manila, Cebu, Clark, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Siargao, Tagbilaran, and Zamboanga
  • International Flights available to and from: Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, China
  • There are also bus rides from most places in Mindanao to Davao

Sample Itinerary on Davao City

Day 1 in Davao City


Philippine Eagle Center


GAP Farming Resort

Day 2 in Davao City

Morning / Mid Afternoon

Crocodile Park and Zoo

Mid Afternoon / Evening

People’s Park

Day 3 in Davao City

Eden Nature Park and Resort

Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by Lynneth_Omandac CC BY 2.0

Life is truly here in Davao City. Though it’s a highly urbanized city, it still has places where you could enjoy Mother Nature and fresh air. There are also many beautiful things to do in Davao City, as well as culture and history you could learn. I hope you have fun traveling here! Keep safe!

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