If you’re not comfortable using a menstrual cup during your period, why not try its alternatives? These menstrual cup alternatives on our list would bring you so much comfort!

Period while traveling can be quite disturbing, annoying, uncomfortable, and difficult. Mostly, women travelers choose menstrual cups throughout their period, and this does not only ease baggage’s weight but also eco-friendly.

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But, what if there are some women who can’t wear a menstrual cup? Or not familiar with how it works or doesn’t like it at all. Moreover, some locations in the world don’t provide or even too expensive to get sanitary pads or tampons. It is advisable to use an alternative that can be used by women, and we compiled 5 types of menstrual cup alternatives that can replace the functions of a menstrual cup and the not environmentally friendly sanitary pads and tampons.

Different Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives That We Recommend

Pro’s and Con’s of Each Menstrual Cup Alternatives

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period 1


  • Comfortable, soft, and leakproof.
  • Sustainable
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • Bamboo charcoal helps to reduce odor and has high absorption.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • Heavy flow user-friendly.


  • Didn’t come along with a waterproof mini wet bag.
  • Bulky with 0.6-inch thickness.

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period 2


  • Available waist size from XS (24-25 inches) to XL (34 inches).
  • Comfortable for yoga, gym, or daily use.
  • Less bulky.
  • Leakproof with wide area from front to back.


  • Not supposed to dry using the dryer.
  • For more passive activity.

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period 3


  • Soft as silk.
  • Cheaper than tampons.
  • Portable and great tampons alternatives.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The size can be too small for some women.

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period 4


  • Available in 3 different packs (24, 36, and 48 rolls).
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable


  • Use it only for emergencies.
  • It needs a lot of gauzes since it has to be changed regularly.

5 Types of Menstrual Cup Alternatives to Use during Your Period 5


  • 4-layered leak-proof protection.
  • Absorbs up to 20ml blood which equivalent to 2 tampons or 2 pantyliners.
  • Available from tween size to plus size.
  • Machine wash friendly at room temperature.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Use period underwear as a backup.
  • Bulky


Even though it’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean a period can stop your adventure. You have to stay hydrated and don’t forget to pack your medicine. A period cramp can be really painful and irritating, so you need to prepare for this as well.

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