One thing I don’t like about the Philippine Passport is that you need visas to go to other countries. However, many can come to the Philippines visa free. It’s a fact that is hard to change as the Philippines is not a powerhouse. However, I have been to 140 plus countries with my Philippine Passport – it’s a challenge, but it’s doable. What’s great is that if you have a visa from a mighty nation, you can get admitted to other countries, too! Here’s a list of countries Filipinos can enter with a Valid Canada Visa.

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Getting a Multiple-Entry 10-Year Canada Visa is straightforward. Submit all the documents required, have a new passport (the 10 years), and pay the proper fees – you will surely get one. There are additional bonuses, too – imagine going to more than 20 countries or territories with a Canada visa! Canada’s visas are so reliable you get to enjoy its perks out of the Philippines, too. Your payment of the fees and effort of your application is worth it.

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Here are the countries you can enter with a valid Canada Visa:

North and Central America

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa

Maximum Stay: 90 days
Additional Notes: Get a Tourist Card when you arrive for USD 10

This smallest Central America country offers you scenic views, stunning lakes, and active volcanoes.

Check out:

  • Santa Ana Volcano
  • Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park
  • Catedral Metropolitana

Suggested Tour: San Salvador: Mayan Heritage Archaeological Tour

2. Guatemala

Maximum Stay: 90 days

Feel like the adventurous Lara Croft or Indiana Jones as you check out pyramids and ruins in Guatemala.

Check out:

  • Maya Ruins of Tikal
  • Pacaya
  • Natural Monument Semuc Champey

Suggested Tour: Tikal Day Tour from Flores with Lunch

Maximum Stay: 90 days
Additional Notes: Visa must be valid for a minimum of 6 months

Want to go somewhere cheap and affordable? Off you go to Honduras for Mayan Adventures and water sports.

Check out:

  • Celaque National Park
  • West Bay Beach
  • Cayos Chochinos

Suggested Tour: Roatan Sightseeing Tour

4. Mexico

4 Countries Filipinos can Visit with a Valid Japan Visa

Maximum Stay: 180 days

There’s no need to apply for a Mexican Tourist Visa that costs you almost PHP 2,000. You can see the famous Chichen Itza with your Canada visa.

Check out:

  • Chichen Itza
  • Xcaret Park
  • Mayan Port City Ruins

Suggested Tour: Chichen Itza Full-Day Tour

How To Get A Panama Visa With Your Philippines Passport [Tourist Visa Guide For Panama]
Angel Silva

Maximum Stay: 180 days
Additional Notes: Your visa must already be used and valid for at least 6 months from your arrival

See the fascinating Panama Canal and locks in this charming country. Have fun also under the sun as they have gorgeous beaches!

Check out:

  • Panama Grand Canal
  • Panama Viejo
  • San Blas Islands

Suggested Tour: Panama Day Tour: Hop-on Hop-Off


How To Get A Georgia E Visa With Your Philippines Passport [Tourist Visa Guide For Georgia]

Maximum Stay: 90 days
Additional Notes: You can also obtain an e-visa; health insurance is a must. I recommend SafetyWing.

Save money by using your Canada visa than obtaining an evisa for USD 20 + bank charge. With unique architecture, churches, and breathtaking views, Georgia will surely make you in awe.

Check out:

  • Narikala Fortress
  • Uplistsikhe
  • Gergeti Trinity Church

7. South Korea

Maximum Stay: 30 days
Additional Notes: You must be transiting in South Korea, for example, Canada to South Korea to PH or PH to SK to Canada. You can read more about this here.

Go to the land of KDramas and KPop and enjoy their food, culture, and sites! It’s going to be a blast.

Check out:


Maximum Stay: 30 days

Visit Jon and Kach in their Humble home in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Sail, hike, and check out historic town as you wander in Montenegro.

Check out:

  • Ostrog Monastery
  • Kotor Old Town
  • Lovćen

Suggested Tour: Kotor Boat Tour

9. North Macedonia

Maximum Stay: 15 days
Additional Notes: Your visa must be valid for at least 5 days from the end of your stay in Macedonia

This former Yugoslav Republic offers you breathtaking views of lakes and mountains plus historic old towns.

Check out:

  • Canyon Matka
  • St. Naum Monastery
  • St. John the Theologian Church

Suggested Tour: Vodno Mountain and Matka Canyon Tour


10. Anguilla

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa
Photo by Pete Markham CC BY-SA 2.0

Maximum Stay: 30 days

This British Overseas Territory is famous for snorkeling as the marine life is abundant. Plus, there are caves and cliffs in case you want to take a break from the ocean.

Check out:

  • Shoal Bay Beach
  • Sandy Island
  • Rendezvous Bay

Suggested Tour: Anguilla Private Tour

11. Antigua and Barbuda

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa

Maximum Stay: 30 days
Additional Notes: Visa Waiver Fee of USD 100 must be paid

It’s a country known for its 365 beaches. You can go to Antigua for 15 days and enjoy the other half at Barbuda.

Check out:

  • Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Fort James
  • Stingray City

12. Bermuda

Work from Bermuda Certificate Get a Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Maximum Stay: 3 months
Additional Notes: Multiple-Entry Visa valid for at least 45 days during your departure to Bermuda

This is another territory of the United Kingdom where you can enter with a Canada Visa. Enjoy the pink beaches and the blend of culture between US and UK.

Check out:

  • Crystal and Fantasy Caves
  • King’s Wharf
  • Horseshoe Bay

13. British Virgin Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Maximum Stay: 6 months – Visa on Arrival
Additional Notes: For Tourists or Business

The fourth BOT on our list! This archipelagic territory has many gorgeous islands. You may choose whatever you want – but I guarantee everything is stunning!

Check out:

  • The Baths
  • Necker Island
  • White Bay

14. Cuba

Rent A Car Guide on How to Rent a Car in Havana, Cuba

Maximum Stay: 30 days
Additional Notes: Must hold a Tourist Card and at least USD 50 per day in cash or cheque

Check where the song Havana was inspired from. Fall in love with the culture and beaches.

Check out:

  • Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro
  • Viñales Valley
  • Cayo Largo del Sur

Suggested Tour: Welcome to Havana Private Tour

15. Dominica

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa

Maximum Stay: 6 months
Additional Notes: Filipinos are able to enter visa free for 21 days, you can have a maximum stay of 6 months should you have a visa

Hot springs, abundant forests, gorgeous beaches – what more could you ask for from the Nature Island of the Caribbean?

Check out:

  • Morne Trois Piton National Park
  • Trafalgar Falls
  • Champagne Beach

16. Dominican Republic

Maximum Stay: 90 days

Enjoy seeing humpback whales mating and migrating or just diving and seeing the beautiful world underwater. If you want something more exciting – extreme water sports are also fun!

Check out:

  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Cayo Levantado
  • 27 Waterfalls

Suggested Tour: Punta Cana Parasailing

17. Montserrat

Photo by Leonora (Ellie) Enking CC BY-SA 2.0

Maximum Stay: not stated

Another country that you could enjoy in the Caribbean is this British Territory. Why don’t you sail and ready your diving gear as you visit this place?

Check out:

  • Rendezvous Beach
  • Soufrière Hills
  • Woodlands Beach

18 – 23. Dutch Caribbean – Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Sint Maarten

Countries or Territories that Filipinos Can Enter with European Visas
Photo by Milan De Clercq on Unsplash

Maximum Stay: 90 days within a year
Additional Notes: For Tourists or Business

US and UK aren’t the only countries that have tiny territories or islands in the Caribbean. The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a few, too! You can enter them if you have a Canada visa.

Check out:

  • Arikok National Park
  • Curaçao Sea Aquarium
  • Lac Bay
  • Fort de Windt
  • Well’s Bay Beach
  • Maho Beach

24. Turks and Caicos Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Maximum Stay: 90 days

The last but not the least in our list is the islands with white sand and crystal clear waters – Turks and Caicos. This is another British Overseas Territory.

Check out:

  • Grand Turk Cruise Center
  • Grace Bay Beach
  • Pine Cay

Visa Experiences - Filipina Backpacker Around the World Trip in Mexico

With your Canada Visa, you could enjoy many countries and territories, especially in the Caribbean. Your CAD 185 (About 6,800) is worth it as you could save visa application fees. So, why don’t you apply for a Canada Visa now and not only enjoy Canada but 24 places all over the world!

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