Travel Guide to Nami Island, South Korea

Travel Guide to Nami Island, South Korea

Namiseom Island or famously known as Nami Island is in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is a half-moon-shaped island and where General Nami, a rebel leader in the 13th century, was buried. It has also become prominent due to Winter Sonata, a KDrama masterpiece.  Check out my Day Trip Guide to Nami Island, South Korea.

I had a solo trip to South Korea and Nami Island was definitely on my list. I went there about the first week of April, but unluckily, the flowers haven’t bloomed yet. If I had gone a week or two later, the atmosphere could’ve been quite different. However, everything was so tranquil and gorgeous; I enjoyed my stay here.

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Getting to Nami Island, South Korea

First, let’s know how to go to Nami Island. If you are from Seoul or Busan, it’s a bit far from there. You can

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How to Apply For An Italy Schengen Visa with Your Philippines Passport

Plan your next Italy trip! Here’s our guide for Filipinos about applying for an Italy Schengen visa with your Philippines passport.

Are you thinking of going to one of the most visited European countries? Aside from France, Italy has proved people that it is worth exploring over and over again. Who wouldn’t want to experience that gondola ride in the canals in Venice? Travel back in time at the ruins of Pompeii? Take a picture with the popular leaning tower of Pisa? Plus the Italian cuisines that are mouthwatering.

Everything about Italy is just wonderful and irresistible. So if you’re now ready to explore this country, this guide can help you with applying for an Italy Schengen Visa with your Philippines Passport. No worries as even us, Filipinos, can get the chance to have a glimpse of this lovely country.

Who Should Apply for an Italy Schengen

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How to Cancel Your Flight and Get Refund with American Airlines 

Sometimes when we plan a really exciting trip, there are things that happen that are out of our control. But what if we already booked a flight? No worries! Some airlines offer cancellations and refunds for their passengers. Each of them has different cancellation policies that we must know before we book our flight.

Ross Sokolovski

In this article, we’ll guide you on how you can cancel and get refunds with American Airlines.

When severe weather or other unforeseeable events affected your flight and travel dates, you can change your trip without having to pay for a change fee. An regarding the current pandemic situation, there will be no change fee if you purchased your ticket before March 1.

Read more about American Airlines update here and the waivers they offer.

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Fees that are Eligible for Refunds with American Airlines

If you purchased your ticket

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Air France Flight – How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Air France

Air France is an airline based in Tremblay-en-France that was founded in 1933.  They have about 225 carriers and serves 200+ destinations, domestic and international. If your travel plans have changed or you want to cancel a flight with them, it’s easy. Here’s a Step by Step Guide on How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Air France.

Photo by Olivier CABARET CC BY 2.0

Right now, you can postpone your trip or ask for a refund if you want to cancel. You can do everything online, but you need to wait as the priority are those with imminent flights. But don’t worry, Air France will keep in touch!

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Air France’s flight capacity has been reduced because the country is on the move to Stage 3 emergency preparedness. Check your flight status if your flight is still there or has been canceled.

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How Can We Emerge Stronger From This? Self Care in Isolation

Nyepi is a Balinese day of silence that is dedicated to meditation and introspection. There’s to be no sound, no light, no eating, no leaving the home, and they even turn cell towers off, so there’s no Internet, for one full day. This is strictly enforced by police, which might sound a bit harsh at first, but really, it’s a gift.

Can you imagine? A day of forced introspection for everyone? A united day of meditation and stillness. I can only imagine what amazing things it does for Balinese people who really go deep.

I happened upon this holiday on accident a couple of years ago while passing through Bali just for the day. I’d had no idea until I was taking off for the flight that I was about to arrive into a silent, dark Bali. What else could I do but surrender and go all in?

I kept

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20 Crash Landing On You Filming Locations You Can Tour Virtually

One of the top trending Korean Dramas this year is CLOY. You don’t need a ticket to South Korea or Switzerland or a visa to tour around where the cast and crew filmed. You can do it on your phone or your computer in the comfort of your own home. We give you a list of 20 Crash Landing On You Filming Locations you can tour virtually at home!

This post is dedicated to the people who haven’t moved on yet with the CLOY-virus. Warning though! There are spoilers ahead! So it’s better to watch the show first before reading the descriptions. To those who don’t know Crash Landing On You – it’s a film about an heiress, Yoon Se-Ri (Son Yejin) who landed in North Korea and a military officer, Captain Ri (Hyun-Bin) who helps her. Enjoy!

Screenshot from Netflix

Steps on Using Google Maps for your Virtual Tours

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