Roadtripping in Australia – What you need to know

Roadtripping in Australia – What you need to know

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Roadtripping in Australia – What you need to know

Roadtripping in Australia Australia is made up of vast lands, beautiful beaches, rainforests, vibrant cities and endless attractions stretching out from coast to coast. If you’ve been mesmerized by the beautiful people, sandy shores and shopping spots, it’s only natural that you’re thinking about road tripping in such a lovely place. When road tripping, there […]

Roadtripping in Australia – What you need to know
Melo Villareal

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Thermëa Spa Winnipeg: How to Get the Most out of Your Experience

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Thermëa spa in Winnipeg can be the perfect winter oasis, and the perfect spot for relaxation in the summertime, too. Surrounded by nature and providing a variety of saunas and pools, this is how to get the most out of Thermëa Winnipeg:

A Brief History of the Nordic Sauna

The first sauna was created by Finnish nomads nearly 10,000 years ago. Its first form was primitive, just a pit dug into the earth which was heated and then covered shut with animal skin. Over time, though, these holes in the ground evolved to become little stand-alone huts, usually made of wood. Today, saunas are a huge part of Finnish culture; in fact, estimates claim that the country of 5.3 million people is home to 2 million saunas! According to a traditional, 2,000-year-old Nordic practice, one should follow time in a sauna with a plunge into an icy

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How to Teach English in Laos

Teach English in Laos! Discover the fun of teaching in this enchanting Southeast Asian country. Learn more about how to teach English in Laos.

Photo by Christine Wehrmeier

Lesser known than its neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Laos is a nation of laid back people, which boasts of natural beauty, and beautiful mountains perfect for hiking and nature trip.

Learn more about teaching English abroad, read our article about the Introduction to teaching English.

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Culture of Laos

  • Theravada Buddhism is the main influence in culture.
  • In all of Southeast Asia, they are considered to be one of the countries with Indic culture.
  • Sticky rice is a staple food that has cultural and religious significance.
  • There is an
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