Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Melbourne, Australia

Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Melbourne, Australia

Where to Stay: List of the Best Melbourne Hotels

Melbourne is regularly voted as the most livable and it is also known for as the coffee capital in the world. There are many hotels in Melbourne ranging from luxury hotels to budget hotels where you can stay based on your budget and they are not far from tourist attractions. You can check out some of the best hotels in Melbourne here.

The Westin Melbourne – Best Hotels in Melbourne

Best 10 hotels in Melbourne

The Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel Melbourne
The Victoria Hotel Melbourne

Address: 215 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Price range (in U.S. Dollars): USD 74 and over via agoda.com

The hotel is a good choice if you are looking for contemporary accommodation in Melbourne and it is located next to Melbourne Town Hall and minutes’ walk from the iconic Flinders street station and federation square. All the room

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The Perfect Guide to Myanmar’s Dreamy Coastal Town

As the sun takes a dip into the ocean to finish the day, our shadows long behind us and the light beams turning gold through the coconut trees, I thank Myanmar for another peaceful day spent alternating between the ocean and the umbrella. It’s perfectly lazy. It’s everything I want.

I have a thing for coastal towns like this in Southeast Asia. It reminds me in some ways of Otres Beach in Cambodia years ago, but perhaps with fewer joints being passed around.

Or maybe it’s more like Tonsai in Thailand used to be, or a bit like Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. I’m always on the hunt for the beautiful places in Southeast Asia that aren’t overrun yet, and this crescent-shaped beach above Ngapali is straddling the line, at least for now.

The water is perfectly clear, straight down to the white sand. Unlike much of

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How to Teach English in Cambodia – Experience the Fun of Teaching!

Want to teach English? Why not try it in Cambodia! If you will teach English in Cambodia, a lot of great opportunities await you in one of the most culturally-rich countries in Southeast Asia.

Photo by Vicky Tao

Cambodia is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and is situated between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. Like these southeast Asian neighbors, Cambodia is peopled mostly by Buddhists.  Their official language is called Khmer and follows a societal hierarchy based on ‘rank’. Parents are superior to children, and so are teachers, managers and anyone who holds a position.

When Cambodians ask personal questions, it is not simply because they are too curious, but because they need to adapt their communication style with you based on your ‘rank’. Not losing “face’ or their sense of dignity and honor particularly in acts seen in public is very important to Cambodians.

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