Are you planning to travel to Karlsruhe, Germany soon? Read our tips below on the things to do in Karlsruhe with suggested tours! You’ll surely have a lot of fun!

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by Patrick Müller CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Karlsruhe is one of the cities in Southwestern, Germany. It is famous for its Karlsruhe palace that was built in 1715. But of course, Karlsruhe Palace is not the only attraction that it has for us travelers! There are a lot of places that this magnificent city has to offer. For you to find out what are these places, please keep on reading and see what attraction suits your taste.

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15 Things that you should do and visit in Karlsruhe, Germany

1. Karlsruhe Palace

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by Daniel Grothe CC BY 2.0

Your Karlsruhe trip won’t be complete if you will not visit the Karlsruhe Palace. One of the most famous attractions in Karlsruhe. Walkthrough a beautiful garden around the lake. This place is perfect for relaxation, either with your family, friends or even when you’re alone. 

Suggested Tour: Guided City History & Culture Walking Tour

2. Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by Heiko S. CC BY-NC 2.0

A very educational place. You would enjoy learning about animals. Inside the museum, you will see a huge aquarium. The museum is so big and detailed that you could spend a lot of hours walking through the inside and learn about the different animals that can be found here. Perfect for adults, and especially kids. Tip, it’s recommended to visit this place on Fridays since it’s free on that day.

Suggested Tour: 48-Hour City Card

3. State Art Gallery

Considered one of the best art galleries in Karlsruhe. It contains a lot of wonderful arts made by artists from the Netherlands and early Renaissance. It is collected inside an old building that has a unique decor and architecture. If you’re a fan of arts, then never miss this one out! 

4. Turmberg

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by Mirko Warta CC BY-NC 2.0

A hill located in Durlach. By visiting Turmberg, you will see the whole city of Karlsruhe. You can drive through the top or you can take the mountain train. After a ride, you will see what Turmberg has to offer, a beautiful view of Karlsruhe. Because of that, you can really take beautiful photos of the city.

Suggested Tour: 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

5. Pfarrkirche St. Stephan (St. Stephen Church)

A church that is a must-see. You will see great architectures and awesome statues inside. With the peaceful vibe that this church brings, even a non-religious person can enjoy this attraction.

6. Karlsruhe Botanical Gardens

If you’ve never been to a tropical country and never seen a banana tree, then you should go to this place! You’d see different types of trees like banana trees, cinnamon trees, and cafe plants. Not only, with its architecturally unique greenhouses, but this place will also give you the peace of mind that you need. You can never go wrong with plants and nature!

Suggested Tour: Karlsruhe Walking Tour

7. Badisches Landesmuseum

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by দেবর্ষি রায় CC BY-SA 2.0

This palace was built in the 18th century. It is now the home of the main museum of the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe. You would enjoy visiting this place! You will see a beautiful architecture that is very pleasing in the eyes. Not only that but you would also learn about the history of the city. A very enjoyable and educational trip.

Suggested Tour: Guided City History & Culture Walking Tour

8. ZKM | Center for Art and Media

A contemporary art museum. It is massive that it contains a lot of exhibitions, including art and geography. If you’re into this kind of thing, then you should head out to this attraction. But if you’re not into media and art, then maybe you’d get bored when you visit this place. 

Suggested Tour: City Tour by Bike

9. Schloss Gottesaue

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by michael neukirchen CC BY 2.0

A gorgeous castle that was bombed during the second world war. It was rebuilt in 1989 in Renaissance style and now serves as a music school. The structure of the building is very picturesque that posing in front of it would look like you’re modeling for a magazine cover. A paradise for music lovers like me! 

10. Evangelische Stadtkirche

It is located at a market place created by Weinbrenner. It resembles an ancient Greek Parthenon-like structure which makes this building unique. However, due to the location, it is also quite a busy place that you may have a hard time viewing the building as a whole. 

11. Christuskirche Karlsruhe

A lovely church with magnificent architecture. It is a Protestant church in Karlsruhe that was built from 1896 to 1900. With its stunning exterior and interior, you’d be really mesmerized by it.

12. St. Bernhard Church

15 Best Things To Do in Karlsruhe, Germany
Photo by Heiko S. CC BY-NC 2.0

This a gothic church located in Karlsruhe, Germany. Finding St. Bernhard Church is quite easy. If you walk from Karlsruhe to Schloss Gottesaue (quite a long walk), you should not miss St. Bernhard church, it is on the way.

13. Bundesverfassungsgericht

It is a Federal constitutional court of the Federal Republic of Germany, established by the Constitution or Basic Law of Germany. The building has glass walls to represent the transparent staff inside. 

14. Alter Schlachthof

The perfect place to have a drink with your friends, family or partner. Located in an old-style reconstructed house with big condo tables inside and two dining spaces. It is easy to reach with public transport or a short walk from the center.

15. Museum Ettlingen

This museum in the castle shows cultural and city history from the first archaeological evidence to the eventful history of the castle. The castle itself and the garden around it are enough reason to go here.

These are the possible things you can do in Karlsruhe, Germany. So if you are ready to have a fun and exciting trip, you know what to do and where to go! So pack your things now and prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure in Karlsruhe.

How to go to Karlsruhe, Germany from the UK

Via Ryanair: (one way)

*From London Stansted to Karlsruhe, Germany

Ticket Price Starts at £24.99

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