If you are planning to get an online job or work from home, then you need important things for your office space. These pieces of stuff can help make your job go smoothly and efficiently achieve your targets. So here is our list of work from home essentials for your home office.

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If you are going to be doing this for a long time, it’s better to buy proper equipment. Think of these work from home essentials as an investment rather than an expense. It will be beneficial when you work, and you won’t regret it.

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1. Desktop Computer / Laptop

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Anna Auza

Having a Personal Computer or Laptop is important in having a job at home. Having a tablet or a phone would be difficult, especially if you make reports or write. PCs and laptops also perform better as they have a bigger memory space and higher RAM. You can easily multitask on desktop or laptops; you can minimize documents or divide your screen. They make you more productive than regular phones or tablets.

2. High-Speed Internet

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Thomas Jensen

High-Speed internet connection is essential especially if you are in customer service (taking calls), online teaching, or a virtual assistant. Having a slow internet may affect your output; calls may be choppy, and you won’t talk to the other smoothly person. It also causes stress since we’re going to think negatively like “we’re not going to get our job done on time.” Faster internet lets you be more productive and get better results.

3. Work Table or Desk

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Norbert Levajsics

A great tip in working at home is having a workspace; it’s going to be better if you have a work table or desk for your things. I advise not working in bed as it may tempt you to sleep. Your desk needs to be ergonomic, so it can help you avoid distraction and minimize injuries (like in the neck or arm). Keep it neat and organized, too!

4. Proper Lighting

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Officea
The Coherent Team

Lighting is also essential when you work from home. Why? It’s because poor lighting can strain your eyes, resulting in headaches or eye fatigue. When you choose your workspace, make sure there are no shadows or glares. Natural light also gives a better vibe. If you work at night, you can also get a desk lamp!

5. Planner or Calendar

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Eric Rothermel

It’s highly recommended to make a to-do list and write it in your calendar or planner. This will help you achieve your goals quickly and know what daily tasks you need to prioritize. You can have a physical one or use a web tool or scheduler app. It makes you more organized and knows what to do next.

6. Headphones with Microphone

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Francis Bouffard

Whether you are working on a team or independently (as a teacher), you will need a headphone with a microphone. You’ll probably get calls from your head or have conference calls with the team. An earphone is not advisable since PCs or Laptops have separate audio input and output. It’s also more professional than having your calls on the speaker. Plus you can listen to music privately with headphones!

7. Comfortable Chair

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Alexandru Acea

You’re going to be sitting for almost a day while working in front of the computer so you’ll need a comfortable chair. But not too comfy as you may be tempted to relax or work. You can have an ergonomic chair that properly supports your posture and weight.  

8. Notebook and Pens

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Bethany Cirlincione

Have notebooks and pens on your work desk; an idea may pop-up, or additional things to do may be instructed, so you’ll need to take notes. You can also put reminders on your notebook and vital steps so that you won’t take time looking for a document in case the information is needed.  

9. Extension Cord

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Nick Dietrich

Some rooms and spaces only have limited electrical outlets, so another work from home essential is an extension cord. Most will probably forget this, but you’ll probably plug a lot of things near your work area. You’ll connect your laptop or pc, phone charger, lamp, printer, and many more. It’s better to have one near you then waste time looking or waiting for a vacant one.

10.Security Software and Backups

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Jakob Owens

As most people say, prevention is better than cure. Imagine working on a document for a long time, and your laptop suddenly crashes, ouch; all your hard work gone in one glitch. Security Software is also needed in big companies to safeguard networks, protect vital information, and avoid hackers.

11.Communication Tools

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Allie Smith

You need to have proper apps or software if you are communicating with your teams. You can have instant messaging, video conferences, and other team collaboration tools that will help you communicate smoothly and achieve your goals easier. You can have Slack (for messaging), Zoom (meetings), Trello (planner), and Dropbox (for file sharing).

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Alexa Williams

Those are the 11 work from home essentials that can help you be more productive. There are also a few items that are not on the list but needed by a specific job, e.g., camera for online teachers, drawing tablets for graphic artists, and many more. I hope you can enjoy working at home, feel free to read our tips on how to Work from Home Effectively!

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