Planning a trip to Herceg Novi, Montenegro? Do you have any idea of the things that you can do there? If not, then continue reading as we have them for you. We collected some of the best things to do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro for travelers who are thinking of spending their next destination in this country in the Balkans.

Aside from the fact that Montenegrins are warm and friendly, staying in Herceg Novi would give you the chance to understand the country’s culture and rich history.

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Here are the Things To Do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro That We Recommend

The old town of Herceg Novi is not very big but is very cozy and pleasant. You can climb up to the top of the clock tower for a stunning view. Though be prepared for a huge number of stairs. Also from the city walls, you can see the city and the sea. This is a beautiful Adriatic town with lovely courtyards, churches, and fortresses. Some little cafes, bars, and restaurants are in the center that offers good food. 

One of the best things to do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro might be wine tasting. Anyone interested in wines must visit here! The grounds are beautiful, the view is amazing, and the wine is equally good. Savina Winery is a small winery and the tour itself is not long but hearing the family story behind the winery added to the interesting part. It is really worth a visit, though to be aware you do need to make a private booking before you go.

Things To Do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Have a lovely long walk at the Promenade of Herceg Novi. You can walk on the promenade from Igalo to Melijne which is about 7km in size. There are so many restaurants, cafes, stores, and bars in the area. There’s nothing particularly interesting going on in this promenade but the surrounding landscape is well worth taking in while having a drink at a local bar.

Things To Do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

The Savina Monastery is an Orthodox complex of three churches situated just off of the coastal highway south of Herceg Novi. Entering the monastery feels like traveling back in time. You can enter two churches and explore the compact grounds. There are also wonderful views of the bay. The place itself is truly peaceful, the same as its surroundings. You can totally admire the churches’ both architecture and art. You don’t need a lot of time to appreciate its beauty, all you need is at least 20 minutes to visit.

Things To Do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

The Clock Tower, also known as the City Tower, is one of the symbols of Herceg Novi. Located in the western part of the Old Town, the Clock Tower is a very picturesque monument that offers lots of great photo opportunities. There are also tons of nice cafes, restaurants, and a Voli supermarket nearby. The quiet town center and clock tower are both a pleasure to visit.

Nothing can beat the summer heat than going to the beach. And one of the best things to do in Herceg Novi is to visit Dobrec Beach. This is a peaceful, secluded beach located in the bay of Kotor, approximately 30 min with a shuttle boat from Herceg-Novi. You can find sunbeds all along the beach, and on the cliffs surrounding the restaurant. And in the restaurant, they serve fresh fish and seafood of high quality, as well as beverages and alcohol. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy promenade in Herceg Novi, then this place is highly recommended.

The Church of Michael the Archangel is a domed Orthodox Church in neo-Byzantine styled with Gothic and Romanesque details perfectly combined. It is conveniently located in Trg Herceg Stejpana or Bellavista which is one of the Old Town’s main square. There are restaurants, cafes, banks, shops, and more nearby. It’s magnificent both exterior and interior. Walkable distance to other main attractions. Definitely, worth a peek.

A great way to spend a few hours walking the fort from the old town. The Forte Mare fortress provides visitors truly beautiful views. If you visit in summer, the fortress is used in the evenings as an open-air cinema. This is worth a visit if you like forts and can manage the steps. After quite challenging steps, You get excellent views across the bay. Forte Mare is a cultural Heritage, It is beautiful and it is featured on so many postcards from Herceg Novi too.

We recommend going up to this fortress through the old city if you need physical activity. Unlike other Herceg Novi fortresses, admission to this fortress is free. If you go on foot from other areas of Herceg Novi, you may have to walk along the highway or walk extra meters. And so – it is better to take a taxi because the climb is long and steep. The fortress is in its original form. It was well preserved and has a great view of the city and the bay. You can wander along the fortress walls without fear. It is rarely visited by tourists, in which you’d enjoy as it is not crowded.

Mamula Fortress was built in the 19th century. It bears the name of General Lazar Mamula, the Austrian governor. The fortress is located in the middle of the entrance to the bay. After the visit, you’ll become interested to read about the history of this military structure. The unusual location of this fortress on the island and the rather good preservation of the place are impressive.

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These things to do in Herceg Novi, Montenegro are just guides and it doesn’t end here. With Montenegro’s awesome attractions and landmarks, we can surely say that it has a lot more to offer. If you’re in to explore more about this awesome Balkan country, then we recommend you to prepare as visiting here would be a total blast.

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