Indulge yourself with these Seattle authentic dishes. Not only it will satisfy your tummy but it will leave you to crave more food!

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The city of rain and the city of emerald are the most common nicknames ever given to Seattle. Many well-known companies in the world are based or started in Seattle. Let’s say Microsoft, Boeing, Nordstrom, and don’t forget Starbucks, which is the most famous coffee shop in the world.

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Seattle is part of Washington. The populations came from all over the world, so it is very diverse. Seattle nature also provides various types of food ingredients that are ready to be processed. The diverse population and abundant ingredients make Seattle has a variety of authentic foods that can spoil your tongue. Here we have a list of 10 types of Seattle authentic dishes that you should try while visiting this city.

1. Paseo Sandwich

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Caribbean flavor in Seattle, you can find it in Paseo. Paseo is a Sandwich specialty restaurant in Seattle and has been in Seattle for 20 years. Sandwiches are prepared using a Caribbean recipe. The necessary components are toast filled with juicy pork shoulder meat, aioli, cilantro, jalapeno, and onions. This combination produces a unique taste, delicious, and aromatic taste.

There are two Paseo locations in Seattle, Paseo Fremont, and Paseo Sodo. Paseo Fremont is in 4225 Fremont Ave N Seattle, and Paseo Sodo is in 1760 1st Ave S Seattle. Be sure to visit this restaurant to get the taste of sandwiches that will be shaking your tongue.

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Phiroshky is a bakery with recipes from Russia. This store has been in Seattle for decades and has become a favorite dish of locals’. The bread has several variants, such as meat-cheese, potato-mushrooms, and smoked salmon.

Another favorite menu from this store is cinnamon cardamom braid, which has a sour and sweet flavor. This shop is providing freshly baked bread. There are two locations of Piroshki in Seattle. One store is in downtown Century Square food court, and another store is in Pike street.

3. Garlic Fries

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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One of the Seattle dishes that you should try is the Garlic Fries. We all know that French fries are always a favorite food to relax. In Seattle, try to enjoy a bag of fresh Garlic fries while watching a baseball game at Safeco Field.

Garlic fries in this stadium has a large size and is suitable to share with colleagues when watching the match. It has a golden color and delicious onion taste. The sellers usually add a few sliced apples to reduce the impact of the smell of onions on your breath.

4. Cream Cheese Hot Dog

Hot dogs with cream cheese may not be a common combination. But the cream cheese hot dog turned out to have a unique and delicious taste. You can find this dish in roadside hot dog food-carts in Seattle. These food-carts are usually open at night or at the stadium. You can choose this variant and enjoy it while it’s still warm.

This menu is believed to be revolving in Seattle from the late 1980s to the early 1990s in the Pioneer Square area. A few years later, cream cheese hot dogs’ popularity skyrocketed in Seattle.

5. Steak Tartare

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Steak is one of the processed red meat that has many fans around the world. With the length of cooking time that adjusts to customer preferences, this dish is also quite famous in Seattle. Seattle version of the Steak Tartare uses French-style cooking techniques.

One of the places that provide the best Steak Tartare in Seattle is Daniel’s Broiler. They serve grilled meat with tartare and an egg on top. This combination gives a taste that is second to none.

Daniel’s Broiler is in 809 Fairview Pl N, Seattle.

6. Scones

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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The type of biscuits is very diverse and has its characteristics. In Seattle, you can find Scones that have a sweet taste. It even looks like a muffin because of its huge size. Scones have a soft and soft texture.

Homemade scones are usually suitable for breakfast or brunch. Local’s enjoy it along with jam, ham, or even gravy. For serving at night, scones have a smaller size and have a cheesy and saltier taste. Aside from bakeries, you can also find Scones at the Fairs. Puyallup Fair in September serves warm scones with butter and raspberry jam.

7. Artisanal Chocolate

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Almost everyone around the world likes chocolate. When you are in Seattle, try the legendary artisanal chocolate. There are many shops selling artisan and craft chocolate in this city. One of the most famous is Fran’s Chocolate, whose stores are in several locations in Seattle.

Former US President Barack Obama liked the products made by this store. The store, which opened in 1982, offers several chocolate variants that you can choose. One of the most popular is Smoked salt caramel. It’s a chocolate with caramel filling and sprinkled with smoked sea salt.

8. Craft Beer

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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One of Seattle’s original alcoholic drinks that has a lot of fans is Craft Beer. Many microbreweries produce these drinks. All of that place produce high-quality beer. There are various types of craft beer that you can choose according to your taste (or you can try all of it).

Yakima Valley is a location where many local breweries stand. Some of them are Fremont Brewery, Maritime Pacific Brewery, and Elysian Brewery. There is a tour that can bring tourists to visit the breweries and see firsthand the process of making craft beer, as well as tasting beer directly at the factory.

9. Ginger Beer

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Although it has the name beer, this drink is closer to Ginger Ale than beer. Generally, Ginger beer doesn’t contain alcohol, although some types of it containing alcohol. Unlike ginger ale, which is a carbonated drink, ginger beer is lighter because it goes through a fermentation process.

Ginger beer is generally made using fresh or dried ginger, sugar, lemon juice, water, and yeast for fermentation. Some breweries also add seltzer water to the mixture. One place that provides various types of ginger beer is Rachel Ginger Beer, which has many outlets in Seattle.

10. Organic Fruits

American Cuisine 10 Seattle Authentic Dishes You Have to Try
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Seattle’s natural products are known to have high quality. There are many plantations in Seattle that produce fresh products, such as fruits.

Not only enjoyed it as a fresh product, but the fruits also processed to new dishes. Let’s say cherry or apple pie that you can find in bakeries throughout Seattle. The fruit and vegetable markets in Seattle are selling fresh products. Many of them are produced organically to make it healthier.

That was a small piece of the authentic dishes in Seattle, Washington. Its diversity will make you not be bored to visit each location that has a different dish. Are you ready to try those dishes in Seattle?

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