How to Be Alone

I used to get depressed if I was alone for more than a few hours. I found solo time difficult, boring, and pointless. This was back in my 20s, when my view of myself was entirely constructed from the reflections of other people.

Imagine my aversion to traveling solo. It was only when I was confident I would easily meet others that I decided to actually go for it. My biggest fear had always been being alone.

8 Years of traveling alone later, I savor my alone time and seek it out purposefully. I know it’s strange to say, but I’m having a nice time during isolation! If you’re going crazy because you’re alone right now, you might think I’m insane for holding this perspective. Though I resisted it at first, over the past eight years of traveling solo, including camping, backpacking, and hitchhiking totally alone, I came to

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10 Best Child Travel Cots

Traveling with a baby is a bit of a hassle. But not if you have a travel cot! In this article, we provided you the best travel cots for traveling.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

While traveling with a baby, for both near or far trips, comfort is a parent’s top priority. One of the most needed to support a baby’s comfort is a place to sleep. There are various types of cots that parents can choose for their babies. But before deciding to buy, it’s good to know the important aspect of the cot.


Travel cots are babies’ places to sleep and sometimes play. It can be easily operated by traveler parents. The cot must be easy to fold, does not require a lot of space, and easy to pack. Generally, travel cots are made of high-quality plastic or metal and surrounded by nets that can make a child

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Social Media Manager Job – What Skills You Need To Have

One of the emerging jobs or positions in these current times is being a Social Media Manager. With many people having access to the interest, companies reach out or find new customers through Social Media. If you have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is it enough to become an SMM? Well, it needs more than that. Here’s an article where we discuss on How to Get a Social Media Manager Job.

Austin Distel

Mike, is currently the Social Media Manager of Two Monkeys Travel Group. He also manages Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube of TMTG and mrandmrshowe. If you want to be like him or to apply for a Social Media Manager job, here are skills that you might need:

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1. Knowledge of Social Media Sites

Social Media Manager Job
NordWood Themes

The familiarity of the Top Social Network Sites like

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The 10 Most Relaxing Videos to Watch Online

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Hey there, long time no talk. Lately my dreams are almost impossible to detangle from reality because reality is so damn weird. And so are my dreams.

I deduced about a week ago that I might go insane if I didn’t stop looking at Facebook and the news. It’s day 7 of my detox and I almost feel human again. But it does beg the question, how does one fill the leisure time when we can’t go outside and do normal human things?

While I enjoy Netflixing and chilling (like literally, you animals), I start to take issue with every series and movie because it’s showing me a life I can’t have right now. People leave their houses often and interact, like, in person. 

And since I’m living in a bubble I just want to watch things that make that feel normal. Ergo, all of these videos fall

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11 Things To Have for Your Home Office

If you are planning to get an online job or work from home, then you need important things for your office space. These pieces of stuff can help make your job go smoothly and efficiently achieve your targets. So here is our list of work from home essentials for your home office.

Thought Catalog

If you are going to be doing this for a long time, it’s better to buy proper equipment. Think of these work from home essentials as an investment rather than an expense. It will be beneficial when you work, and you won’t regret it.

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1. Desktop Computer / Laptop

11 Work From Home Essentials for your Home Office
Anna Auza

Having a Personal Computer or Laptop is important in having a job at home. Having a tablet or a phone would be difficult, especially if you make reports or write. PCs and laptops also perform better as they have a

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Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo, Japan

Calling all cat-lovers out there! If you’re in Japan especially in Tokyo, you should not miss visiting any of these cat cafes. But be careful and be straightforward with the rates as some of these cat cafes would charge you every 10 minutes and the time would start once you enter the facility. Some wouldn’t even warn you when your time is up.

With their independent but absolutely adorable character, it is hard not to get fascinated by them. Yes, I’m talking about cats! And even though they sometimes (or most of the time) ignore us, it won’t change the fact how much we love them, and we’ll not get tired of telling how cute they are! Because they really are. They look even cuter when they just ignore us.

Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo, Japan With Rates Included

And in Japan, cat cafes are not really new as Japanese people love animals so much. In Tokyo alone,

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